2012 program dates, guidelines and application forms

The Fellowship Program is for library and information science professionals who are in early stages of career development and from countries with developing economies. Eligibility is limited to those who are from a qualifying country, have a degree in library or information science obtained within the past five years, and have at least three years, but no more than eight years, of library or information science experience. These and other qualifications are explained in detail in the Program Guidelines.

Interested candidates should read the guidelines and, if qualified, complete and submit the application by the specified due date. For additional information, please contact Nancy Lensenmayer, Program Director, Education and Professional Development.

Important Dates

  • The deadline for application is:
    February 18, 2011
  • The selection period is:
    March - July 2011
  • The announcement will be made in:
    August 2011
  • The program dates are:
    April - May 2012 (exact dates to be determined)

Program Guidelines

Download the 2012 Program Guidelines in PDF (29K) or Word (64K).

Application Forms

Download the 2012 Application Forms in PDF (21K) or Word (91K).

For more information

Contact Nancy Lensenmayer, Program Director, OCLC Education and Professional Development.

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