Application form non-EU students for academic years 2011-2013 are available online - deadline 1st of January 2011.

The European Master of Science in Nematology (EUMAINE) is one of the Erasmus Mundus Master courses. The EUMAINE programme brings together some of the European leading Universities and Research Institutes active in Nematology and is offered by a network of 8 partners, consisting of 4 consortium partners and 4 supporting or satellite partners.
The aim of the course is to train students to become highly qualified nematologists with multidisciplinary knowledge in the diverse fields of Nematology through mobility to different Universities within Europe and with a well-integrated language and cultural experience. The programme deals with fundamental as well as applied aspects of Nematology and concerns different groups of nematodes in all possible environments: natural soils, agricultural soils, aquatic sediments of freshwater, brackish or marine habitats, temperate and tropical regions.
Scholarships, Grant, Award, Conference, Training, Volunteers, International jobs and Cambodia jobs are posted at

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