The European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship Programme is an international researcher mobility programme offering 33 fellowships for the academic year. It proposes 10-month residencies in one of the 14 participating Institutes: Berlin, Bologna, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Cambridge, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Lyons, Nantes, Paris, Uppsala, Vienna, Wassenaar. The Programme builds on the strong reputation of the Institutes for Advanced Study for promoting the concentrated, self-directed work of excellent researchers within the stimulating environment of a multi-disciplinary and international group of fellows.
EURIAS Fellowships are mainly offered in the fields of the humanities and social sciences but may also be granted to scholars in natural and exact sciences, if their proposed research project does not require laboratory facilities. The diversity of the 14 participating IAS —which have agreed on a common selection procedure— offers a wide range of possible research contexts in Europe for worldwide scholars . Applicants select up to three IAS outside their country of nationality or residence as possible host institutions.
The Programme welcomes applications worldwide from promising scholars at an early stage of their careers as well as from established senior researchers. During their fellowship, EURIAS fellows benefit from the high-quality research environment and working conditions provided by the host Institute. All IAS have agreed on common standards for EURIAS fellows, including the provision of a living allowance (in the range of € 26,000 for a junior fellow and € 38,000 for a senior fellow), accommodation (or a mobility allowance), a research budget, plus coverage of travel expenses.
Researchers from all countries are eligible for the programme. They cannot apply for an institute located in their country of nationality or residence.
Application and deadline
– Applications are submitted online via You will find detailed information regarding
the content of the application, eligibility criteria, selection procedure, etc.
– The deadline for application is September 10th. Late applications will not be considered.
Selection procedure
– Scientific assessment by two international referees
– Preselection by EURIAS international and interdisciplinary Scientific Committee
– Final selection by the IAS academic boards
– Publication of results in December.
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