The University of Sydney World Scholars awards provide opportunities for academically gifted PhD candidates who have developed innovative research projects to undertake a PhD degree at the University of Sydney with financial support. This prestigious award will attract high-quality research candidates from a broad range of countries and disciplines. Candidates will engage in progressive research whilst facilitating the development of strong bilateral research linkages between Australia and the rest of the world.
Up to 20 new full tuition fee PhD scholarships are offered per annum for commencing international students. Scholarships cover the full cost of tuition fees for three years. A travel contribution of up to AUD $1,250 each way will also be provided to scholarship holders.
The World Scholars program is for commencing international students from participating countries, undertaking a PhD in any discipline. The application process is highly competitive with scholarships awarded on the basis of research potential and academic merit. Scholarship holders should demonstrate, in their PhD application, an outstanding academic track record and capacity to engage in innovative and world class research.
Each year, the University will invite applications from selected participating countries. For the 2010 intake, these include certain countries in East Asia, Latin America and Western Europe, as well as India, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.
Applications are invited from international students who are citizens of the following countries (“Participating Countries”):
Asia: Cambodia, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
Europe: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, United States
Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda
Scholarship Benefits
A University of Sydney World Scholars award covers the following costs:
  • full academic tuition fee costs for approved PhD study at the University of Sydney for up to three (3) years; and
  • a travel contribution of up to AUD $1,250 each way towards the cost of a return air fare from the awardee‟s identified country of citizenship to Sydney.
Applicants should note that a World Scholars award does not include any living allowance, Overseas Student Health Cover, visa application costs, or any other costs other than those outlined above. All other costs must be met by the student. Applicants should not apply for World Scholars unless they know – at the time of application – that they are able to meet all costs not covered by this award.
How to Apply
Applying for a World Scholars award is a two-stage process. Applicants must complete both stages, in order, as follows:
Stage 1: PhD application and admission
Candidates must lodge an application for a PhD degree, and obtain a Firm Offer of Admission, prior to lodging a World Scholars application.
Before lodging a PhD application, candidates are required to make contact with a potential academic supervisor and discuss their proposed research project. PhD candidates may search for a potential academic supervisor using the Research Supervisor Connect tool on the University of Sydney website:
Once candidates have made contact with a potential academic supervisor and prepared a research proposal, they should submit a Postgraduate Research Application Form. This form can be downloaded from:
Further information about the PhD application process can be found online:
The average processing time for PhD applications, once received at the University of Sydney, is six weeks. Some applications may take longer to process, particularly where insufficient documentation has been provided. PhD applications should be lodged no later than 31 July 2010. The University cannot guarantee that PhD applications lodged after this date will be assessed and issued with a Firm Offer of Admission in time for World Scholars consideration.
Candidates must have a Firm Offer of Admission to their chosen PhD issued on or before 10 September 2010 in order to proceed to Stage 2. A Conditional Offer of Admission is not sufficient.
Stage 2: Scholarship application
Candidates who have received a Firm Offer of Admission to a PhD issued on or before 10 September 2010 may proceed with a World Scholars application.
Once a Firm Offer of Admission has been received, candidates must complete and submit a University of Sydney World Scholars Application Form. This form can be found at the end of these Guidelines, or downloaded from:
Candidates who are interested in applying for the University of Sydney World Scholars are encouraged to identify a potential academic supervisor and begin preparing a PhD application as soon as possible. Application Guidelines + Forms (PDF)
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