The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU) is an administrative agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research (KD), with its own Board of Directors. SIU is located in Norway's second largest city, Bergen.
SIU is a knowledge- and service organisation with the mission of promoting and facilitating cooperation, standardisation, mobility, and the overcoming of cultural barriers to communication and exchange within the realm of higher education on an international level.
The goal of the Quota Scheme is to give students from developing countries in the South, Central- and East-Europe and Central-Asia, relevant education that would also benefit their home countries when they return after graduation.
The programme also contributes to strengthen Norwegian institutions of higher education's participation in global knowledge cooperation.
The Norwegian government provides scholarships for students from developing countries in the South and countries of Central- and East-Europe and Central-Asia under the Quota Scheme. The overall objective of the Quota Scheme is to promote the internationalisation of higher education.
Today, the scheme provides funding for a total of 1100 students, 800 of them from developing countries in the South and 300 from Central- and East-Europe and Central-Asia.
Each year universities and university colleges in Norway are allocated a certain number of quota students. Most of the universities and university colleges in Norway offer courses and educational programmes in English. The scheme normally includes courses at the Master and Ph.D. level, in addition to certain professional degrees. In order to locate a programme eligible under the scheme, please contact the Norwegian institutions directly.
The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund ( Statens Lånekasse) is responsible for managing the financial support provided for the Quota students. Each student receives the same amount of money as a Norwegian student would do in an equivalent educational programme. About 30 per cent of the amount is given as a grant and 70 per cent as a loan. However, the loan portion is waived when the student returns to his/her home country after completing the course of study. Normally, the financial support will not not exceed a time span of four years for one definite study plan, or a combination of two programmes.
Institutions offering scholarships under the Quota Scheme
State universities:
State university colleges:
State national academies of the arts:
State specialised university institutions:
Private institutions of higher education
Application procedures
The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU) is not the admission office for prospective quota students.
Applications forms are available from the websites of the universities and university colleges. All applications should be sent directly to the International Office at the university/college to which the student applies.
The deadline for applying for the Quota scheme is usually December 1 every year. The Letter of Admission is normally sent to the successfull candidate by April 15 every year.

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