Các học bổng sau đại học (MBA, PHD) về quản lý và công nghệ tại một số trường nổi tiếng trên thế giới. Mời quý thầy cô tham khảo thông tin ở các link kèm.
Trân trọng.
Phòng HTQT
ESMT Scholarships
ESMT European School of Management and Technology was founded in 2002 to establish an international business school, based in Germany, with a distinct European focus. ESMT offers excellence and innovation through rigorous academic research, teaching and consulting—with a practice-oriented approach to business education. ESMT focuses on three main topics: Europe, Leadership, as well as Management of Technology and offers an MBA and Executive MBA programs and executive education. ESMT’s main campus is located in Berlin with another campus in Cologne. Scholarships will be allocated on the basis of intellectual excellence, evidence of personal and professional achievement and evidence of strong leadership potential as well as superior interpersonal skills.
Nanyang Fellows Programme
The Nanyang Fellows Programme was launched in 1998 by Dr Tony Tan. Since then courses are conducted annually with an optimum cohort of around 20-30 students. The small size enhances learning and interaction on a personal level. In this 12-month full-time programme, the Nanyang Fellow will spend ten and a half months at the Nanyang Business School in Singapore, three weeks at MIT’s Sloan School of Management in Boston and two weeks in Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. The programme also includes a compulsory Business Study Mission (BSM) in a carefully selected country around the world. The programme also includes a Leadership Seminar Series where you will gain privileged insights from the experiences of top business and government leaders through closed-door dialogues.
Nanyang President's Graduate Scholarship
The Nanyang President's Graduate Scholarship (NPGS) is a competitive and prestigious scholarship scheme designed to encourage outstanding graduates or final-year students to take their first step towards a leading research career by studying for a doctoral degree programme (PhD) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), one of Asia's leading research universities. Funding will be provided for up to 4 years for NPGS awardees. Up to 30 NPGS awards will be made available in each Academic Year. Successful candidates will be known as Nanyang President's Graduate Scholars.

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