The Center for Educational Exchange with Viet Nam (CEEVN) and
The Ministry of Education and Training

Announce the Final Competition - 2010

Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP)
in Viet Nam

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The International Fellowships Program (IFP) operates in 22 countries. In Viet Nam, the IFP is administered by the Center for Educational Exchange with Viet Nam (CEEVN). The IFP provides opportunities for advanced study to exceptional individuals who will use this education to make outstanding contributions in their respective fields, furthering development in their own countries and greater economic and social justice worldwide. IFP will actively recruit candidates from social groups and communities that lack systematic access to higher education. As of August 2009, 224 Vietnamese citizens from 53 provinces/cities have received IFP fellowships to pursue graduate study in ten countries. Of the 224, fifty-seven fellowship recipients come from 18 ethnic minority groups. To date, 98 persons completed their degrees and have returned to Viet Nam.

What does IFP provide?
  • In this final round, the IFP provides 35 full scholarships for master’s degree study at accredited universities abroad.
  • Applicants are encouraged to pursue programs in any academic discipline or area of study that is consistent with the listed eligible Fields of Study.
  • Fellows will enroll in full-time graduate degree programs at accredited universities in any part of the world if admitted to the appropriate programs approved by IFP.
  • The IFP will provide assistance for university placement to all Fellows-Elect.
  • IFP Fellows-Elect will be able to take intensive foreign language from 3 to 5 months to enhance their language proficiency for graduate study abroad.

Minimum eligibility requirements for IFP applicants

Applicants must be Vietnamese nationals currently residing and working in Viet Nam. Priorities include:

  • Men and women of all ethnic minority groups.
  • Men and women residing and working in rural areas, provinces and all provincial municipalities and towns.
  • Women residing and working in major cities.

All applicants must:

  • Hold an undergraduate college/university degree with 4 year transcripts of above-average marks; earned through full-time study;
  • Have at least three years of working experience after university graduation and experience in community service or development-related activities. Work experience must be related to the proposed fields of study;
  • Select a study area that corresponds to one of IFP fields of study.
  • Present a plan specifying how they will apply their studies to social problems or issues in their own communities.
  • Have no family members who already received IFP scholarship.
The IFP program gives priorities to individuals from communities that
lack systematic access to opportunities to pursue higher education; members of all ethnic groups residing and working
in difficult areas are encouraged to apply.

Eligible Fields of Study
Applicants may choose to pursue an academic discipline or field of study related to one of the following: (Masters degree only)
  • Environment & Development
  • Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Health
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education
  • Governance & Civil Society
  • Media
  • Community Development
  • Development Finance & Economic Security
Application Process
  • All applications must be submitted to the Center for Educational Exchange with Viet Nam (CEEVN).
  • An independent selection committee will review completed applications, interview qualified candidates, and make the final selection of Fellows designated to receive IFP awards.
Applicants are chosen on the basis of the IFP priorities, candidates' past experience, potential for professional development, commitment to community or national service, and academic qualifications to pursue a graduate degree program abroad.

From September 1, 2009 to April 15, 2010, CEEVN office receives IFP applications for selection in
May 2010.
To request an IFP application and for more information, please contact:

The Center for Educational Exchange with Viet Nam (CEEVN)
So 5, Ngo 52
Pho Giang Van Minh
Quan Ba Dinh
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (84-4) 3723-6825 or 3722-4872
Fax: (84-4) 3723-6827

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