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The initial aim of Own Initiatives is to respond to a local development need which is commonly recognized as being a priority need, which can be remedied by academic cooperation with a Flemish university. An Own Initiative can thus be considered as a developmental relevant project which strengthens the research and education capacity of (a) partner institution(s) in the South by means of generating and exchanging knowledge with as final aim to use this local capacity in the struggle against poverty in the concerned region/ country.

It is emerged from a common initiative taken by at least two academics, a local academic and a Flemish academic, but more academics can be drawn into the project to guarantee sustainability and to maximize the support of the project.

The project is aligned with the priorities of the local partner institute at the policy level where the project is constituted (department or faculty), but also fits within the strategic plan of the institute at large.


An Own Initiative has a maximum budget of € 330,000 for the entire period.


An Own Initiative has a duration of 3, 4 or 5 years.

Call cycle

Each year, VLIR-UOS launches a call for the submission of proposals. Selection takes place on a competitive basis over two selection rounds. The call for the submission of letters of intent for Own Initiatives 2010 (first round) was launched in February 2009 and the selection took place on 20 May 2009. The call for the submission of fully fledged project proposals for Own Initiatives 2010 (second round) has been launched on 12 June 2009 and can be found on this web page.

The call for the submission of fully fledged project proposals is only accessible for those letters of intent that have been preselected by the selection committee on 20 May 2009 to elaborate a fully fledged project proposal.

The next call for Own Initiatives, the call for Own Initiatives 2011 letters of intent, will be launched in January 2010.


The fully fledged project proposals Own Initiatives 2010 must be submitted to VLIR-UOS by the Institution Coordinator for Development Cooperation of the Flemish University (ICOS) on 25 September 2009 at the latest. Within the different Flemish universities, however, different deadlines for the submission of the project proposals are applied. The proposals will be submitted to the Own Initiatives Selection Committee on 24 November 2009. During this meeting of the Selection Committee the promoter is expected to come to present and defend his/ her project proposal.

Contact person

For more information please contact Mr Herman Diels of the VLIR-UOS secretariat (tel.: +32 (0)2 550.19.62 or e-mail: herman.diels[at]vliruos.be).

Source: http://www.vliruos.be/index.php?language=EN&navid=585&direct_to=Own_Initiatives_2010_fully_fledged_project_proposals


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