On September 24th, 2018, the administrators of NLU lead by Prof.Dr.Nguyen Hay, President had a meeting with the delegation from National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan (NKUST). The objectives of the meeting were to discuss some issues related to academic exchange between the two universities.

The participants from NKUST included:

1. Ms. Grace Liu – Director of International Education Promotion Department, International Cooperation Department cum Lecturer of Faculty of Business Administration. NKUST (Team Leader)

2. Mr. Wen-Jeng Hsue (Albert) - Vice Dean of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

3. Mr. Wang Hung Yu- Professor of Electronic Medicine - Department of Electronic Biomedical Sciences

4. Ms. Chin-Szu Wu- Expert in International Relations Department, International Cooperation Department, NKUST

5. Ms. Dang Hoang Sa- Expert in International Education Promotion, International Cooperation Department, NKUST


The items for the meeting agenda as follows:

1. Discussion on MOU cooperation and exchanges between the two universities

2. Introduction to the NKUST scholarship program

3. Discussion on the short-term winter camp for students / lecturers

4. Discussion oncooperative programs between faculties (engineering, electronics, information technology, fisheries)


This visit provided NLU with opportunities to cooperate with NKUST as well as students and lecturers with essential scholarship information for their further studies.

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