On 18th October 2016, The International Cooperation Office, Nong Lam University – Ho Chi Minh City in cooperation with the Faculty of Agronomy had a meeting with the President of Denvet, Japan, Mr. Akegaw a Fumiyas, the Executive Director, Mr. Hidemitsu Sekiguchi and the Bureau chief of NHK.

Akegawa said that his organization was launching projects to support agriculture and poor people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It would be beneficial if Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia study the Japanese agricultural cooperative model together with the support of international organizations under the United Nations and Devnet. Therefore, the purpose of his visit is to seek the cooperation between Denvet and NLU in this cooperative model. The two organizations exchanged views on the role of the University of carrying agriculture cooperative project implementation.

Moreover, both organizations agreed with the cooperation on professional training program for newly graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy. Particularly, outstanding students will be elected to be sent to Japan for 3-year vocational training. After returning to Vietnam, these individuals will be funded to become start-up owners under supervision of JICA. 

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