Objective: ·

  • To deploy existing UK research strengths and/or emerging capabilities in specific research area(s) relevant to agriculture and food challenges in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs); Note this means ANY country on the DAC list not just the lower-middle income tier i.e. upper-middle income countries ARE included.
  • To promote multi-disciplinary approaches in addressing the challenges;
  • To encourage, where applicable, research partnerships between UK research teams and LMICs;
  • To build on any existing UK/LMICs links;
  • To develop new or enhanced research capacity for addressing the agriculture and food challenges of LMICs.

 Priority Areas: 

  • Systems that deliver safe and nutritious food for all
  • Resilience of the food system to climatic variability
  • Reducing losses throughout the agri-food chain and reusing unavoidable food waste
  • Agriculture within the context of the wider landscape
  • Urban agriculture

Eligibility : IRRI can be subcontracted by an eligible institution


Duration : 24 months 



  • DRPC: June 6 
  • BBSRC:  June 22 (4pm)

Please click here (1) (2)(3) for further information.


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