PhD educational opportunities at UNESCO-IHE for Water Management:

The PhD programme enables MSc graduates to deepen their knowledge of their chosen area of specialisation. Participants conduct their own independent scientific research, often in multi-disciplinary teams, the findings and conclusions of which will be of direct benefit to their home country or region. PhD research is sometimes carried out using the ‘sandwich’ model. Participants prepare their research and finalise their theses – the first and last portions of the programme – in Delft, but conduct the actual research in their home country, under the co-supervision of a local institution.

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The 18-month full-time Master of Science Water Management programme

The International Master’s Programme in Water Management provides an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach. In addition to the technical (physical, chemical and engineering) and non-technical aspects (legal, social, economic, financial, institutional and managerial), participants study the interplay between these technical and non-technical aspects. At the same time, the programme brings together the scientific study of water resources with practical planning and management skills. Participants are encouraged to study water management from a multi-disciplinary perspective and to seek integrated solutions. The programme offers four specialisations that focus on the different dimensions of water: Water Quality Management, Water Resources Management, Water Conflict Management and Water Services Management:

Specialisation Description
Water Quality Management Participants in this specialisation study the water quality impacts of human activities on aquatic ecosystems, as well as possible remedial actions appropriate to different levels of environmental stress and in various socio-economic contexts.
Water Resources Management Participants in this specialisation study ways of matching water availability and use, and seek to develop alternative land use and water allocation policies, including legal and institutional arrangements, from the local watershed to the basin scale and beyond.
Water Conflict Management Participants study the management of conflicts over water resources. It focuses on negotiation, mediation and decision-making processes, in order to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts concerning water.
Water Services Management Participants in this specialisation focus on the provision of water and sanitation services and the management of the related infrastructure, and design new institutional and financial instruments and business models for different socio-economic contexts.

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The short courses in Delft

UNESCO-IHE offers a wide range of short, intensive and highly specialised courses for mid-career and senior experts who wish to upgrade and refresh their knowledge and skills. They are intended for individuals or groups of professionals with a specific area of interest, and limited time available. The short courses are held in Delft and vary in length from one to four weeks. They also vary in focus and content, ranging from specialised technical issues, to management challenges and approaches. Some interesting examples of short courses are noted below:

Title short course Tuition fee When
Negotiation and Mediation for Water Conflict Management II € 2,250 28 February 2011 to 18 March 2011
Negotiation and Mediation for Water Conflict Management I € 2,250 7 February 2011 to 25 February 2011
Water Resources Planning € 2,720 28 March to 11 April 2011
Financial Management of Water Organisations € 2,250 28 Mar 2011 to 15 Apr 2011
Water and Environmental Law and Institutions € 2,250 26 April to 13 May 2011
Public-Private Partnerships in the Water Sector € 2,250 4 July to 22 July 2011
Managing Water Organisations € 2,250 14 June 2011 to 01 July 2011
Climate Change in Integrated Water Management € 1,500 6 September 2010 to 17 September 2010

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The on-line courses

We offer high quality on-line course on topics of high interest in the water sector. The innovative delivery format makes learning exciting, flexible, interactive and efficient. It allows participants to learn from different locations at their own convenience and to immediately apply the newly acquired knowledge to their working environment. Samples of on-line course that may be of possible interest to you are listed below:

Title on line course Tuition fee When
Water and Environmental Law and Policy €550 1 April 2011 to 15 July 2011
Public and Private Partnerships in the Water Sector €550 1 September 2010 to 17 December 2010

Would like to read more on the online courses? See our website at:

Discounts on the tuition fee of online and short courses apply to the following:

• 30%: UNESCO-IHE alumni
• 10%: UN family staff members
• 10%: groups of 5 or more (provided that the courses start at the same time and group application has been sent)
• 30%: UNESCO-IHE G-PoWER partners

Apply for a course?

Send us your application form today! This is easy to do, there is no admission fee, and does not commit you to anything. However, it is your first step to upgrade and refresh your knowledge and skills on water management at UNESCO-IHE. Download the applicable application form from our website at:

There are many fellowship opportunities for candidates seeking financial assistance to cover all or part of their studies in one of the UNESCO-IHE programmes or courses. Candidates from Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) countries are always encouraged to apply for an NFP fellowship, in addition to any other forms of sponsorship they may be pursuing. Note that the deadlines for submitting applications and necessary documentation may vary per fellowship or scholarship. For the latest information, please visit the relevant websites. Prospective participants are also advised to check with their Dutch diplomatic representation (Netherlands Embassy or Consulate) too see whether there are any other scholarship opportunities besides those mentioned here. If you have questions about applying for a programme or course, please contact:

We would greatly appreciate it if you could also forward this information to interested colleagues or other contacts in your network.

We look forward to seeing you in Delft!
Yours sincerely,

All lecturers and coordinators of the UNESCO-IHE Master of Science Water Management Programme

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