The Fishborne Zoonotic Parasite Parasites (FIBOZOPA; Project is a cross-
disciplinary research collaboration between researchers in Vietnam and Denmark. The main aim is to
achieve integrated control of fishborne zoonotic parasites (FZP) in order to improve human health.

The traditional human habit of eating raw or improperly cooked fish is a major risk factor for FZP in
endemic areas and a frequently intractable obstacle to control; health education efforts aimed at
changing such habits have not been uniformly successful. The limited success in changing eating
behaviours seems to a large extent to be caused by lack of in-depth understanding of the socio-cultural
perceptions and practices in relation to eating raw fish.

Study description
The proposed PhD project will involve a Vietnamese candidate who will have an anthropological or
sociological training background with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
The candidate will live in Nam Dinh and elsewhere for extended periods to conduct the fieldwork.
Through systematic participant observation, interviews and questionnaires the perceptions and practices
at household and community-level associated with health risks from eating raw fish, purchasing fish, as
well as preparation and consumption of raw fish, will be documented. Assessments will be made of the
various sources of health information (Information and Educational Campaigns) and efforts to stop
people from eating raw fish, e.g. radio programs and educational posters at the community level.
Differences in consumption patterns between rural and urban populations as well as the higher risks for
FZP infection in males will be studied. Registration will be at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of
Copenhagen in Denmark. The PhD study will be conducted in a so-called ‘sandwich model’ where the
student will spend a period of 12-18 months in Denmark for taking advanced course training, writing up
study protocols and manuscripts, the PhD thesis as well as PhD defence.

Time schedule of the PhD project: 3 years.

Qualification requirements
• Education: The candidate should have an anthropological or sociological (or equivalent) training
background (equalling MSc level) with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research
• Skills: Advanced level of speaking, writing and reading English. Proficiency with relevant
computer software.
• Experience: Previous (cross-disciplinary) research experience would be an advantage. The
candidate must be willing to spent substantial periods of time in the field.

The candidate’s written application including a curriculum vitae, list of publications (if any),
documentation of proficiency in English, names and addresses of at least three contact persons as
his/her references, and a brief 1-page study plan should be sent by email only as a combined pdf file

Mr. Nguyen Song Ha, FIBOZOPA Project Manager for Education and Communication
Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 1, Dinh Bang, Tu Son, Bac Ninh, Tel: (0241) 3842 961; Fax:
(0241) 3842 960; Email:

Application deadline: Not later than 5 October 2009.

(Note: Only screened candidates will be contacted for interviews to take place between 12-23 October

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